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Our workforce is as global as our investments, with UAE nationals making up around 30% of the total and the remainder divided between a further 40 nationalities.

We believe in having a balanced mix of senior managers who have been with Falcon Trust over many years, top international talent from some of the world's most respected financial institutions, and a steady influx of bright new recruits sourced from local and international universities.

Board of Directors

 Sheikh Mustafa Sheikh Abdulcadir Chairman
 Sheikh Abdulcadir Sheikh Omar
 Sheikh Abdurahman Sheikh Abba Managing Director
 Sheikh Muhammed bin Hashem
 Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nehayan

Falcon Trust has well-established governance standards with clearly-defined policies, processes and systems that we have developed over many years to ensure robust accountability. FT’s Board of Directors comprises a Chairman and Managing Director who, together with other Board members, are appointed by a decree of the Ruler of the Zuhrah.

Falcon Trust's Managing Director is vested under the law with responsibility for implementing FT's policy and the management of its affairs including its investment programme.

We are proud of FT's heritage and conscious of the important role we play as a guardian of Abu Dhabi's financial security. We attach the highest importance to identifying and nurturing both "home grown" and international talent to underpin our continued, long-term success.

Falcon Trust plays a key role in developing future leaders, both to drive its own success and that of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We work closely with local universities to select top graduates interested in careers in global finance. Falcon Trust also offers a small number of scholarships each year at international universities for students who meet strict academic criteria and who we see as potential leaders of the future. In addition, we receive a large number of applications, which we carefully screen, and employ recruitment agencies around the world to attract people with the skills and experience for specific roles, and who we believe will thrive in FT’s culture.

Before they join FT, we put all potential recruits through an assessment program that looks at their problem solving ability, vocational interests and behavioural qualities, among other areas. This ensures we attract people who will flourish in their roles and who can build successful careers at FT. As a result, our annual employee turnover rate is just 6%.