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Sheikh Mustafa Sheikh Abdulcadir
-majority owner of Falcon Trust-

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About us:

Established in 1978, Falcon Trust is a globally diversified investment institution that was known before as Falcon Invest.

Falcon Trust manages a substantial global investment portfolio, which is highly diversified across more than two-dozen asset classes and sub-categories, including quoted equities, fixed income, real estate, private equity, alternatives and infrastructure.

Falcon Trust´s mission is to invest funds on behalf of the Zuhrah Dynasty of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to make available the necessary financial resources to secure and maintain the future welfare of the Emirate.

With a long tradition of prudent investing, Falcon Trust's decisions are based solely on its economic objectives of delivering sustained long-term financial returns.

Falcon Trust does not seek active management of the companies in which it invests.

Falcon Trust has been established for over 30 years, prudently investing the assets of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Dubai through an investment strategy focused on long-term value creation.

Throughout this time Falcon Trust has built a strong reputation across global markets as a trusted and responsible investment partner.

Falcon Trust has a world class team who demonstrate the highest levels of leadership, integrity and professionalism.

Sheikh Abdulcadir start to raise up Falcon Trust at the end of the 70´s under the Name "Falcon Invest", but in the 80´s Falcon Invest was dissolved. But in the 90´s Falcon Invest was reborn under the name Falcon Trust.

The main Building of Falcon Trust should be the Abu Dhabi Golf Club and Resort, but close to end of the construction work it was clear that the building would be too small, so Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayid and Sheikh Mustafa Sheikh Abdulcadir decided to make this building a Golf Club.


Now Sheikh Abdulkadir now holds the majority shares, and his son Sheikh Mustafa is the president of the golf club.

Our workforce is as global as our investments, with UAE nationals making up around 30% of the total and the remainder divided between a further 40 nationalities.

We believe in having a balanced mix of senior managers who have been with Falcon Trust over many years, top international talent from some of the world's most respected financial institutions, and a steady influx of bright new recruits sourced from local and international universities.

Falcon Trust has well-established governance standards with clearly-defined policies, processes and systems that we have developed over many years to ensure robust accountability. Falcon Trust’s Board of Directors comprises a Chairman and Managing Director who, together with other Board members, are appointed by a decree of the Ruler of the Zuhrah dynasty.

Falcon Trust's Managing Director is vested under the law with responsibility for implementing Falcon Trust's policy and the management of its affairs including its investment programme.

We are proud of Falcon Trust's heritage and conscious of the important role we play as a guardian of Abu Dhabi's financial security. We attach the highest importance to identifying and nurturing both "home grown" and international talent to underpin our continued, long-term success.

Falcon Trust has a diverse and extensive range of employee-training programmes that are tailored according to each department's goals and needs. We have world-class training facilities on site and regularly invite international experts and other speakers.

Falcon Trust is proud to employ the highest number of chartered financial analysts (CFA) of any organisation in the UAE. In addition to 80 charter-holders – who have passed all three levels of the CFA qualification – we also have a further 57 employees who have passed at least Level 1.

"Your Partner in the U.A.E"